Latinx Led Nonprofits Today: Contributions, Challenges and Lessons Learned

In a time of public health and racial justice crises disproportionately affecting socially and economically marginalized communities of color, community-based Latinx organizations are first responders supporting and working directly with families, youth, and elders. Many frontline workers are from the Latinx community.

They are providing essential services across Greater Boston. Far too many are living in overcrowded conditions and experiencing housing and food insecurity. Immigration issues continue to present complex challenges for Latinx individuals and families living under the threat of detention and deportation.

In this climate, the Latinx community is heavily dependent on the community-based organizations highlighted in this report. These organizations support and empower the Latinx community with culturally relevant and linguistically appropriate services and programming. Individually and collectively, Latinx-led and Latinx- serving organizations are creating and providing a critical safety net anchoring and buoying the Latinx community.

It is time to acknowledge that Latinx community-based organizations play an essential role in Greater Boston, and we invite you to learn more about the Greater Boston Latino Network and the life changing work it is leading.

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