Working together to advocate for policies and initiatives
that will advance and benefit the latino community.

Post-Election Actions to Help Latinos


The Greater Boston Latino Network’s member organizations are working hard to ensure that Latinos can thrive locally despite what is happening at the national level.


Following the election, GBLN was proud to hear Mayor Martin J. Walsh reiterate Boston’s commitment to remaining a, “city of inclusion, a city of compassion, a welcoming, diverse and global city.” GBLN has been working with Mayor Walsh to increase the number of Latinos in city leadership positions and create a municipal government that reflects the rich diversity of its constituents.


Similarly, GBLN has been engaged closely with Boston Public Schools to increase the number of Latino administrators and teachers, while boosting the high school graduate rates for Latino students.


Locally, more than 100 students attend a state school under DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) protection. President-Elect Trump has threatened to rescind DACA, which could harm many students across Massachusetts. GBLN will continue to advocate for these students remaining here and receiving in-state tuition, even as Governor Charlie Baker has threatened to veto any such tuition legislation.


Moreover, GBLN will continue to oppose Governor Baker’s order allowing state police to temporarily detain undocumented immigrants at traffic stops and home visits. This harmful policy sows fear in our communities and distrust of police, resulting in crimes such as domestic violence going unreported.


GBLN will leverage our collective voice to ensure that Latinos can feel safe reporting crimes to the police without the fear of being detained for their immigration status. We will also keep advocating for our youth who deserve equal access to high quality higher education at a price they can afford.


2017 will bring great challenges and GBLN is prepared to meet them head on.