Working together to advocate for policies and initiatives
that will advance and benefit the latino community.

Increase Our Representation

A 2010 Pew Hispanic Center survey of 1,375 Latinos nationwide revealed that 74% of respondents either do not know of or do not believe there is an important Latino leader in the U.S. today. Given the fact that Latinos are the youngest and fastest growing group across the U.S., this shows a significant underrepresentation of the Latino community in our country’s leadership. The Hispanic Association on Corporate Responsibility report a decrease of Latinos in corporate senior executive positions from 7 percent in 2011 to 4 percent in 2015. Latinos make up 19.2% and 11.6% of the populations of Boston and Massachusetts, respectively in 2013. Massachusetts is one of only six states in the country to attribute all of its population growth from 2000 to 2010 to the Latino population. Yet Latinos remain largely absent from leadership positions in government, corporations, boards, task forces, philanthropy, and other institutions which dictate the policies and practices that govern our lives. As a result, structural racism persists across our country and creates lifelong inequity for Latinos. The challenges facing our community are tremendous and require a systemic approach to changing the structures that perpetuate inequity.

Greater Boston Latino Network will work to increase our representation –

Continue work of increasing Latino representation:

  • On government Boards and Commissions – prioritizing Education, Economic Development and Zoning
  • At high-level positions in government, i.e. Heads of cabinets and departments, Chief of Personnel, etc
  • On foundation Boards and staff, particularly senior level positions